Ready to add more depth, more story, more feeling?

Texture blending is the process of overlaying a texture file (or several) over a photo during the editing process.  Some pictures take many strong textures and deep colors.  Some pictures take a hint of texture that is hardly noticeable.  However they are used, textures add a deeper element to photo art.


While learning texture blends I discovered I did not have the texture options on hand that I wanted to craft the artwork I was envisioning. I wanted to have texture files which matched different color ranges for different photos. Also, I wanted to have textures that added only texture to the photo and did not distort the image’s colors but rather took on the colors of the image. I looked around for textures that would do what I wanted online but I was unable to find what I had envisioned.


Texture A Photo evolved from my need for a complete texture library.  I spent hundreds of hours creating this package for me, but now that it is complete, I would love to share it with you as well.

There are over 640 textures files in this collection making it the largest collection of texture files currently available for sale. There are black/white and sepia tinted textures to enhance your monochrome images. Red, blue, and green tinted textures to allow you to digitally paint selected areas of your images.  Also, 78 textures are transparent and will not affect the colors of your image. Files in this collections were shot with a 16mp camera, and are full resolution files (4912×3264).  This large texture file will allow you to create and print large photo art projects.

“Adding textures to your photographs can be as subtle as warming up a sunset, or as harsh as adding a full grunge effect to create graphic art. Either way, Texture A Photo gets you in the game instantly, with hundreds of top quality textures and variations to fuel your creativity, and free your photography.” –

Martin Bailey of Martin Bailey Photography